Since 1979, MIKROTRON has been active in the field of machine vision. Bearing in mind the requirements of the market, industrial cameras have been developed since then. Since 2000, high speed cameras and fast recording systems have been developed for all applications to complement the product portfolio in this segment.

Today, MIKROTRON is a renowned producer of small and particularly durable high-speed cameras on the international market of industrial image processing.
Digital high speed cameras have excellent technical parameters, e.g. in terms of resolution and ISO sensitivity, and are used for industrial and scientific applications as well as in sports analysis, advertising or documents.

The Mikrotron product range provides a full range of high speed machine vision cameras in the range of 1 to 25 megapixels with CameraLink, CoaXPress and fiber optic interfaces.
The EoSens 25CXP + with a 25-megapixel CMOS sensor offers 5 120 x 5 120 pixel resolution at up to 81 fps. In addition, the same resolution is available in version 25CL + (CameraLink) with 31 fps at full resolution.