The FuG company was founded on July 1, 1978. In Rosenheim by Erich Fritz and Gerhard Giebichenstein. From the beginning, the goal was to proudly bear the label “Quality Rosenheim” in all areas of development, production and distribution of custom, precise DC power supplies. In the year of establishment, 15 employees produced the first network devices in the area of ​​250 square meters, the main clients were universities, research institutes and high-tech companies, and in 1987 the production area was expanded to 2,500 square meters and employed 50 employees thanks to constant specialization and development has developed into the field of high-precision, low-voltage and high-voltage power supplies, turning FuG into a global player with global acceptance in subsequent years. In 2008, FuG employed about 70 employees, in the same year it was purchased by Dr. Simon Consulting GmbH and since then, together with the sister company Guth, High Voltage Technology, belongs to the same corporate group.


M-Power-Line models have flexible and easy-to-use local controls combined with a multifunctional digital display that simultaneously shows both the setpoints and the actual measured output values. HV inputs can be adjusted using voltage and current encoders with coarse and fine settings . Setting the set point is possible even when the output is still turned off. Device information such as serial number, software version, working hours, MAC address and internal status can be displayed locally. The IP address can be set by the user via the interface. Other functions include hour meter, device history (error memory), streaming current values and states with time stamp, arc counter, temperature stop. The HV output is resistant to overvoltage, and temporary and permanent short-circuit.