EMETA Encoders AB founded in 1992 in Strangas, Sweden is a company specializing in the production of permanent optical and magnetic encoders that meet the high requirements of devices working in heavy industry. From the day of its founding until now, EMETA has become a leading encoder manufacturer in Scandinavia. Encoders manufactured in Sweden reach customers worldwide, both OEM customers and end users who want to replace the encoders used so far with Emeta products. High-quality encoders can be adapted to customer needs, the shape and form of the housing can be modified by the design department to suit the needs of the project. The next series of products are characterized by varying degrees of mechanical strength and resistance to environmental conditions, which goes hand in hand with size. The main areas for Emeta encoders are forestry, mining, cranes and elevators, as well as the OFFSHORE industry. In addition to high resistance and reliability, the inexorable advantage of Emeta encoders is the short time needed to complete the order, under normal conditions not exceeding 14 days!