CST – Copenhagen Sensor Technology A / S is a private Danish company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of robust, high-performance electro-optical solutions for military applications, internal security and advanced general surveillance applications.


Founded in 2001, CST quickly developed into a mature organization capable of serving a global customer base. The entire process carried out by qualified employees from the project, through implementation and production takes place in modern factories on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Thanks to a strong research and development base, CST is able to provide solutions tailored to individual customer needs while meeting the most difficult requirements in the field of military applications, internal security and advanced surveillance systems.

CST is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, which applies to the entire design, development, production and testing process. In addition, the ISO 10007: 2003 configuration management standards are used as guidelines for design and development activities.


The main attributes of CST cameras:

  • High sensitivity and low noise dies.
  • Enhanced optics based on oil-free designs.
  • Adjustment in the range of +/- 0.2 mrad – for the entire zoom range and full range of temperatures.
  • Automatic lens functions such as focus and aperture adjustment as well as fast zoom .
  • Real-time image processing such as mist penetration, noise reduction and dynamic range extension.
  • Analogue and digital video transmission interfaces. Enclosures with weather-resistant outer coatings.
  • CST products are not limited by ITAR.