Beatronic Supply ApS (Ltd.) is a trade and engineering company, founded in Denmark in 1985 by Bent Gothenborg. In the first years, the main product of the company was power test instrumentation, the Irish company Interpro. After several years of operation and adding many new products to the company’s portfolio, four main product lines were created: Test and measurement devices. Environment simulation devices. Control sensors and components. Electromechanical components. In the early 1990s, we started operations in the Czech Republic. At that time, the company was created by one person. Five years later, our branch in Brno was established, from where we started providing services for Eastern European countries. It became clear that more branches are needed to serve our clients and increase their number. Over the next 10 years, offices have been established in Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Ukraine and the last ones in Korea. The Danish Office is the main branch of the company. From here, we maintain all contracts with our services, as well as being a financial security for our subsidiaries. However, all branches are basically independent and perceived as sources of income. From Denmark, we initiate the creation of new offices, develop strategies and ways to act. Our basic area of ​​activity is the whole of Europe (both the EU and the former block of Eastern Europe). A lot of business is also conducted in the rest of the world, where the professional knowledge of our employees allows us to represent a number of leading international companies. What are our goals? We are proud that we try to get to know our clients, markets and industries in which they operate and we devote a lot of our resources to this end. We believe that all our clients are entitled to receive reliable and professional service – regardless of the size and industries in which they operate, and how large and complex their problem would be. In pursuit of these goals, we chose the world’s leading equipment manufacturers … .TEST AND MEASURING